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I am 16 years old developer from Czech republic, who fell in love with C-family languages, OpenGL and maths. I sometimes do web stuff as well.

As it goes for other hobbies, I like 3D printing and love music.

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My latest project


Toy-raytracer created in C# and OpenTK bindings. Opensource on GitHub.

Image of sharp-tracing project


  • C# (.net family)
  • C++
  • OpenGL
  • HTML / CSS (Sass...)
  • JavaScript | Angular...
  • Python

My development setup


I don't use any desktop computer, but ultrabook with eGPU. This setup makes me able to be as portable as possible, but also have VR-ready perfomance (when I am docked in).
Since I am fan of thin bezells, nice screens and overall lightness i chose Lenovo Yoga 15-IKB as my daily driver, combined with 1080 AUROUS eGPU box I can achieve really good perfomance (only that laptop i5 CPU may lack sometimes, that's one tradeoff...).

Lenovo Yoga 15-IKB

External devices

I am also big fan of mechanical keyboards, so I have two MKs at my workdesk - one with noisy clicky blue switches and silent one with blacks. I preffer huge monitors over multi-monitor setup, so I have 32" PHILIPS curved monitor. I also use MX Master 2s logitech mouse.

Mechanical keyboard

Operating system

What about the OS? Well, I grew up on Windows, switched to MacOS like 3 years ago (when I bought my first laptop, it was second-handed MacBook Pro 15") and then switched back to Windows 10. However I always was more into UNIX / LINUX instead of Windows, i used it only because of VS IDE and other apps, right now I managed to get my workflow running of Arch linux (Manjaro) so I guess I'll be linux guy for a while.

Did you say linux?

Yup, right now I am locked on Manjaro (arch-based) with KDE Plasma desktop enviroment. I use KDE because it made tons of improvements since last time I tried to use it (eg. 1 year ago) and there are really cool plugins like KDE connect. Also I love it's overall look combined with Layan theme.

My linux configuration

What about programming?

Programming on linux? This was the thing I was worried about and had to master some skills to achieve smooth workflow. I am VS IDE guy, who loves C# and doesn't really care about build process and stuff. Here on linux I found C++ to be good thing, I do mainly OpenGL / Web apps / Desktop apps, so I fell in love with Qt. When it comes to IDE, I can't complain about VS Code, it's definitelly one of the best IDE's out there (although it's based on electron which I totally hate because of node.js), but it's extensivity is just awesome. Otherwise I found VIM to be a good friend and JB Rider can be usefull for things like C# Blazor.

Image of my ide